Our dining rooms

Dining rooms have always been the place where family and friends get together. In previous times, the dining room used to be the only room with a heating facility. Today, it is synonymous with tradition, rustic cosiness, and social life. And it is still heated, of course. All the better that our house holds four different dining rooms all of which feature a traditional wainscot, artful ceiling panelling and Austrian country style interior design, creating a really tempting atmosphere…


Rotes Brünnele

Parents traditionally offered their children the water from the “Rotes Brünnele”, a small red fountain. This water is said to have great curative effect, not only because of its high iron level. In our antique dining room, which is kept in red, you won’t suffer from iron deficiency. Enjoy both delicious and well-balanced dishes in the special atmosphere created by this historic room.



A “Heubarga”, also called “Gmach” or “Gmächle”, is a small hay barn. In former times, cutting hay on sometimes very steep slopes was an arduous task.

In the present days, the purpose of the “Heubarga” hay barn has slightly changed. Instead of being a symbol of hard work, it offers a tiled stove where you can rest and relax after a day of work. And actually, you don’t need a bundle of hay to fulfil your heart’s desire.



The Vermales mountain pasture is one of the highest in Nenzing. Those who proved themselves up there in the past could be certain of receiving the local villagers’ recognition of their accomplishment.

It is true that our dining room “Vermales” is situated at 530 meters above sea level just as the other three dining rooms, however, the “Vermales” dining room stands out for its size. A lot of space and the optional room separation make it the perfect location for private and small business events.



More than hundred years ago, a well was drilled in “Galina”. The people from Nenzing are still using the water from this source as drinking water. And also in foreseeable time, the source will certainly not dry up.

In our dining room “Galina”, it is US who will make sure that you won’t be left high and dry. Meet up for a drink at our country style bar. In the Galina room, part of our village’s social life takes place at the “Stammtisch”, the table where the local regulars meet.

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